As a potential client, you are undoubtedly concerned about the competence and ethics of those you employ to represent you to others, or upon whom you rely for personal guidance and counsel. Leofi Leshabana Inc. Attorneys has a strong history of success.......


In order to accomplish our objective to improve the economic well being and quality of life of all stakeholders, we endorse and promote the following principles among ourselves and others.


Leofi Leshabana Inc. Attorneys is a fully automated and "cutting edge" law firm. For legal research, the law firm utilizes the latest technologies that help us provide fast solutions to real world situations..


The Directors possess skills, expertise and good understanding and interpretation of law. The firm is also supported by experienced and qualified consultants who bring valuable contribution which add value to our clients...

Why us?

We believe in the empowerment of the people who make Leofi Leshabana lnc. Attorneys a success. We believe in empowering our staff by giving them opportunities to grow and become better individuals...

    Welcome To Leofi Leshabana Inc. Attorneys

    Leofi Leshabana Inc. Attorneys brings diverse skills and capabilities. This includes knowledgeable and experienced individuals, but extends further to encompass thought leadership and collective thinking. We bring our intellectual capital. Proven approaches and methodologies to each of our clients.

    The benefit of this to clients is that it captures the experience and the best we intend delivering on each and every assignment.

    Our goal is to establish and develop the firm into one of the leading black commercial legal firms in South Africa through, inter alia, timeout provision is high quality legal services to our clients,

    providing expertise in diverse areas of law, thereby attracting young lawyers who are passionate about law and also producing highly skilled and specialist lawyers with business acumen, flair and integrity.

    With deep industry and business process expertise, rich legal experience, and adequate resources and a proven track record, our aim is to acquire the necessary human capital and skills to help clients minimize risks and improve their performance.

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